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What Can You Get on Buyerparty?

The asymmetric information problem of manufacturer and buyer in design and production caused overstock and resource wastes. The disorder of global production, vicious competition in the market and inaccurate judgment of market information make situation worse. The situation means that waste material and labor power.

Is there a way which to better docking manufacturer with buyer, and make buyer close to each other, which make production organization more reasonable, systematic and orderly through integration of information as well as improve efficiency of buyer work, lower costs and save resources? Buyerparty is coming for these.

Buyerparty offers the best business opportunity and creates wonderful purchasing time through connecting each process in business.

New Products: Gather Orders, Cut Cost

In most case, the production quantity of products is inversely proportional to the costs of products. It is common that the less quantity of buyers’ order the higher cost. Manufacturers even force to give up a good product due to the order quantity can’t meet the minimum quantity.

Manufacturers and buyers have suffered the loss of orders. If we gather more buyers to increase the order, then cost reduce, so we has been a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. This is the mainly aim for New Products function of our website.

Industrial Design---Start Production if Buyers Interested in Them

Most products have never been sold since the mold made. New product turns into inventory slowly. There is too much of this situation. It is amazing to sum the wasted resources up by such failure case. Why don’t we start from beginning to solve this problem?

In order to learn if the product is suitable for market and accepted by buyer, we provide reservation from design stage. If we get many preorders, the design will develop to real product. If not, we end here. At the most extent, it is a good way to reduce cost and save resources of whole society. The function of Industrial Design is aimed at this situation. To raise order starting from Industrial Design.

Crowdfunding Projects Initiated by Buyers---A Win-win Situation for Buyers and Manufactures

Sometimes the buyer has a ready-made order with less quantity and high cost. And yet they’re being promised by factory, if the quantity increased, the price will down. But as long as you share your order information and receive additional order by other buyers, a miracle will occur. It is possible that you get a best price until the enough quantity of order. This is the function of FollowMyOrder.

Meanwhile, you can set up some areas of buyers that your competitors have no right to follow order. It avoids involving in a vicious competition within the same market.

FollowMyOrder can also be initiated by the factory. The buyer of small quantity order has the same discount as the big order buyer when factory has a big order in production. Quantity may increase several times. So why not release the order information to let small buyers follow! Follow my order is exactly suitable for factory.

All-win to Businessmen

This website specializes to serve buyers. Best purchasing time in here! Order gathering, cost down, then everyone will win.

Besides, buyers get a lot of information here, such as: new product, new price, purchasing trend, market trend.

Come on, join us. Here is Buyerparty! All-win to Businessmen.